U2 Rose Bowl DVD Arrives

U2’ marketing machine was planning on using the release U2 360 at the Rose Bowl this week to promote the North American summer tour.  Expected to start this Thursday which now we all know has been delayed due to Bono’s unexpected back surgery.

We don’t want to give away too much of the DVD. However we will say this is the best U2 DVD ever released. Yes, we said the best. Amazing footage, audio sounds wonderful. Clearly you will notice some edits on a couple of songs.  Remember when we said that “City of Blinding Lights” the stage was made for this song. We think you will be impressed again. 

Noticeable item would be the lack of heavy focus on the stage.  As Bono and the boys have said many times the stage was “designed to get closer to you.” You will notice that not a lot of attention on the stage rather the music such as a music DVD should be. 

Bono takes the leading role, the voice sounds better. If you remember a couple of shows he seemed to have some voice issues.  Running around the stage, singing, dancing it’s a pure love fest for Bono.  We expect that he will not be running around the stage as much as this past leg. However who knows. Singing, Dancing, its all part of the show and Bono knows you came to see the show.

We want to cut our review short. Why? Well clearly your feedback is much more interesting to us. You will find some great surprises such as Squaring the Circle - The insider look at how the stage came to be.

If we have to wait a whole year before the boys come back to America. This DVD will ease the pain.  We have thousands of hours of concert video from the 360 tour however this DVD is the one concert DVD you will want to own.