U2 Weekly wap up


Since the 2009 leg in October wrap up, the boys have in the studio working on three albums simultaneously: Songs of Ascent, a second volume from the sessions for last year’s No Line On The Horizon; the score from the Broadway musical Spiderman; and a set of entirely new songs.

This is not the first time that there’s been talk of three album projects, but in the previous reports, the third project was said to be old material from the Rick Rubin sessions in 2006. The above specifically refers to “entirely new songs.”

Kingdom on Vinyl?

Universal/Interscope seems interested in reporting what’s on the 7-inch, orange vinyl that comes with the U2 360 at the Rose Bowl super deluxe box set. But, judging from a couple fan postings, it looks like that vinyl includes the unreleased track that played as U2 took the stage during last year’s concerts. The only question is … what’s the song called?

Bono in France with Paul

The original photo was postd on U2achtung. We are not sure who the fan was. However you can clearly see the pain in Bono, Paul as the driver.  The photo was taken next to a hotel where Bono may have been attending a summit - Ten days after back surgery. He did not get out of the car to take the photo. - 


Photo credit - Unknown - Original Posting U2achtung.