Bono a Phallus, really now ?

Well we knew it would be a matter of days before we started to see some interesting comments about the boys and the cash they earn. Frankly who cares. Its their money and so what. If you like the music and you buy the CD’s and everything else that comes along with being a fan of course they are going to make money. Now the lead dog has the best view so its natural for the dogs that follow to be an ass, because hell thats all they look at all day as they try to reach the top. Here is an interesting view from an ass. - Share your comments, thoughts and of course all views are always welcome. Just remember if your an ass we may just point it out.

Tooth-sized phallus, Bono, is probably swimming in his room of coins right now while he waits for The Edge to finish making his 500 ft tribute to Barbara Cartland made out of diamonds, saffron and black printer ink.

Oh, not to mention also having the audacity to expect people like us, who earn about 6 pence an hour, to cough up our meagre incomes into the hands of whichever plight they’ve aligned themselves with when they woke up this morning. And we know Bono & Co. are rich because Forbes have released their rich-list of musicians which, for the most part, is a list of artistes so dull that you might need to staple your eyeholes open just to get through it.

Over the past 12 months, U2 have been raking it in, earning an outrageous £84.9m. If you believe the rumours, most of that tootles off to some offshore account in Holland, which probably has cheque books made from African children’s woe.