Peter Parker and Bono

Last June, we told you geeks that Bono and The Edge (of that famous Irish rock band U2) would be scoring the music for the upcoming Spider-Man Broadway show entitled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Now, a year later, you’re probably expecting us to tell you that the show is a smash success and all is well. Well, True Believers, things are once again not-so for teenage misfit Peter Parker.

Well, it’s not that bad. According to the New York Times (via, a spokesman for the show said the $50 million production will begin full rehearsals on August 16th, only slightly behind their original launch date of February 2010. Apparently, the show (directed by Julie Taymor of Across the Universe fame) had a “cash flow problem”, which caused two of its stars, Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming (playing Mary Jane Watson and the Green Goblin respectively), to leave the production. While there’s no word yet who will replace them, leading man Reeve Carney did happen to tweet that he’s already begun his aerial choreography.

After U2’s fateful string of bad luck including Bono’s bad back and its subsequent cancelled tour, the popular band is finally getting back on its enormously successful feet. And it’s coming in the form of a superhero, Spider-man to be exact.

Initial rehearsals have begun on a new Broadway musical based on the Spidey based Broadway called Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark. Julie Taymor, who previously helmed the hallucinatory Beatles trip Across the Universe is in progress of heading the project, which features music exclusively by U2’s Bono and The Edge.

Spider-Man is one of the most expensive Broadway Productions ever staged, costing about $50 million, which the producers actually had difficulty raising, thus postponing the production this past February. “I honestly can’t believe I’m getting paid to do things my mom would have killed me for when I was a kid! Ha!”, tweets musician Reeve Carney, who plays the Peter Parker character.

Although production details are still a bit sketchy at this moment, fans can begin rocking their Spidey senses when it debuts on Broadway this coming November.


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