Edward Jedward brands Bono "unprofessional"

Edward Grimes, the Edward half of Jedward, has called Bono “unprofessional” for forcing U2 to cancel tour dates in order for him to complete a programme of rehabilitation after undergoing emergency back surgery in May. Well, kind of. Grimes was speaking to The Sun about his previously reported on-stage accident at Sunday’s T4 On The Beach, which left him with torn knee ligaments.

He told the tabloid: “I was crying like a baby in the ambulance, thinking I’ve got to do a tour in Ireland and promote the album. Jedward is a professional band. We have to go on for our fans. We don’t want to be like U2 - we’ll carry on even if I have to go on stage on crutches. We should do a hospital scene as part of the tour. That might work”.

He added that he refused pain relief at the hospital for fear of becoming a junkie: “The doctor wanted to give me morphine but I’m like, ‘No, I’m not a druggie’. We don’t do bad stuff. I had oxygen, gas and air and it made me feel really weird”.

You might think he was tough to cope with all that pain but, to be fair, this isn’t the worst injury Edward has ever suffered:


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