Hello Frankfurt !

The cult Irish band U2 comes with its giant 360-degree tour today to Frankfurt. But transporting the Rundumbühne that looks like a giant octopus or a giant spaceship on four legs, are about 120 large tractors needed, the organizer Marek Lieberberg reported on Monday. “This is the biggest production that there has ever been in the Commerzbank-Arena.” U2 lead singer Bono, (50) just three months after his slipped disc is only the second time on stage again. The comeback world tour and the start of 2010 had celebrated the four musicians on Friday night before 45,000 fans in Turin, Italy.  Where three new songs have played. The  opening tonight  Frankfurt, the British rock group Kasabian. 

U2 fans have been lining up all night. The GA Line has picked up after a night of fans sleeping on ground or whatever they could find. 

Currently its

Frankfurt, where the Irishman last played occurred in 1993 with their “ZooTV Tour” is the second stop of world tour 2010th After months of pause had Bono and his band celebrated in Turin last Friday in front of around 45,000 fans his stage comeback.

The business side of U2

Worldwide, there are few bands like U2 can transform all stages in a stomping ground. The four creative minds from Dublin who play together since 1976 and carry with appearances in almost all the relevant charities and rescue world events, good intentions and its image are the last true superstar band.

U2 shows what is possible in the heavily beleaguered music business, which has through the triumph of the Internet and piracy since 1998, lost a good third of sales. “Before, the money brought CDs, and concerts were little more than advertising for it, now runs the other way usually,” says Bernd Hocke, General Manager of the Hamburg group’s Edel, the new reality.

Bono & Co. are also in the supposedly dead areas such as merchandise, CDs and licenses music for top earners. Of the $ 500 million, the U2 is expected this year and last year earning after deducting all costs, nearly half of which comes from business outside the concert arenas.

The rain of money owed the band of musical creativity and business sense. The U2 AG provides business law challenged again and again, as in its current stage. So far bands in stadiums sell any tickets for the area behind the stage as speakers and decoration with increasingly large video screens to the fans there, obstructed the view. With U2’s “360-degree tour this screens in 30 meters height depend on steel beams. This provides an unobstructed view and up to 10,000.

Tonight U2 makes its second stop it whats going to prove out to be a long tour for both the boys, fans and crew. We can only trust that all stay well.