Bono Fingers Frankfurt

Bono Fingers You 2010 With Bono bravely bounding around the stage, acting all born again after recovering from his back injury, the European reboot of the U2 360 tour moved to Frankfurt on Tuesday night. With REM’s singer Michael Stipe in the crowd, Bono injected an energetic end-of-the-world snippet into “Vertigo.”

Other than dropping new song “North Star” and adding “New Year’s Day,” setlist changes were minor. The show ran its normal event however there was at least one interesting event.

Really we are not sure what Bono was thinking at the time. However the photo clearly shows his feeling towards something. We need to check in with our German press office to learn what’s up. Ah I guess we know what’s up, rather we need to know why ?

Last nights show by the Frankfurt fans was considered fantastic and it was clear that U2 and Bono are back in business. If you compare the show in Turn to last nights. We agree we spent most of the show wondering how Bono will perform? For last nights show it was almost as if we did not even know anything about a back “issue” it was  hard to tell he’d had any back surgery just a few months ago! He was swinging on the steering wheel mic like a kid during the encore.

The different between shows lots of emotion and drama on the first night. Last nights show was just freaking great said one fan. Amazing. Larger than life. As you can expect twitter was all a buzz with the setlist and comments about the Boys, and bits of information from U2GIGS vast database of concert details.  The audio stream ran fast and most fans listening on line suggested the show was running fast which it was not just simple compression.

The German crowd was loud. They seem ready to jump out of their skin for this event. Lots of singing, clapping and most fans up off their fat asses for most of the show. ( Hey thats what Bono said)

Larry gave Bono what we thought was a very warm standing ovation just after Bono’s prance around the outer stage which during the first show remained empty for most of the time. Bono returned the warm overation and off the show went.


We have finally settled the conversation about what was the first song. Beautiful Day starts the show off. We have posted the set list. Beautiful Day works to start the show off while some miss Breathe which really never got the crowd up off their feet BD take set the tone.“New Year’s Day” was an inspired second choice, pumping some more fuel into the fire, with some extra Polish passion added to the mayhem in the pit. Six Poland flags were hoisted by fans in different parts of the pit, one was thrown onto the stage, and Bono draped it over one of his monitors where I think it stayed for the rest of the show.

As we said earlier the German crowd was LOUD and stayed that way for most of the show.

“I Still  Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” “Mysterious Ways.” with some props to REM throwen in as Michael Stips was in the house.

Miss Sarajevo was amazing, Bonoo strained to hit the highs and Until The End of The World was amazing. The Edge had his full game on dredging some filthy sounds.

For U2 moved one fuminante show from Germany and towards the end of the upbeat, the singer also showed his heart. came the terrible disaster of Duisburg (at the Love Parade is a mass panic) moved even U2. She dedicated her song “Surrender” the 21 dead of the Love Parade.

Bono announced at the end of nearly two-hour concert on Tuesday evening that he hoped that the tragedy of Duisburg did not lead to “the joy that goes down to the music and the culture here.”

55 000 spectators cheered their stars, but the World Cup Stadium was not quite sold out. But whatever - the arena was cooking, no wonder: At 360 degrees hot guys who want to know on their tour around the globe once again really.

Coming Next  Hanover and Munich