U2 on Holiday in Horsens

U2 Horsens 360 Tour 2010U2 have Monday half day off, which takes place in secret, before the band’s second concert in Horsens. After a concert Sunday with mostly positive response from critics, the rock group U2 Monday half day off in Horsens. But what the day will be used at will horsensianske concert organizer not disclose.

- They have a secret program which they would not publish because they just have free, “says concert organizer Frank Panduro, who also is behind the city’s former great concerts.

The local tourist chief has however a number of recommendations on what U2 frontman Bono to get day to go by before the second concert in Horsens tonight.

- Besides, he obviously has to relax, so he gets ready for tonight, so I think then that he should go down and see downtown and the big party that is for him, “says Lene Kamilla Hansen, who is touring manager in Horsens.

- He may, for example, have a picnic bag with local specialties down the pedestrian street in Horsens. It includes a locally produced sausage, some pasta salad and some cake. It would be a perfect lunch, “says Lene Kamilla Hansen.

Bono can also see U2 worship, concerts on the pedestrian street and a bunch of volunteers in the U2 frontman’s spirit doing good deeds as lifting visitor’s baggage and wipe the sweat of people’s foreheads.