U2 Vienna Fans Ripped Off

U2 arrives into Ernst-Happel Stadium on their world 360 tour. For some fans there will be no show for them. U2 Vienna fans that have tickets from an English Internet ticket provider have yet to ship the tickets. The credit card transaction company has closed up shop and now of course the course is sold out.

Salzburg fan who has purchased the tickets last October now will have to listen from outside the stadium and know that they did everything that could to get their tickets of course now the credit card company will refund her the money but that’s not going to solve the lost tickets.

Peter Niedermayr is responsible for consumer protection in the Chamber of Labour. He confirmed that ticket sales for the consumer is often not transparent. “There is no office in the sense that we would have to inquire directly with the organizers, who may sell official tickets,” he explains. When it comes to coveted concert tickets, the time for a comprehensive search is often not available.

How will the police acted in Internet fraud, said Hermann Rechberger of the Security Directorate Salzburg. From a certain amount of damage a data exchange with Europol. Depending on the situation in that country would then pried open account and IP addresses. But the efforts often ran in the sand as well, sometimes wrong server identities were created. “The fraudsters are clever forever,” says Rechberger. Even if the perpetrators can be pried, a compensation for the damage is often not possible. The money is often already landed on other accounts. Nevertheless advises Reichenberger not entirely off from shopping on the Internet. Passwords can be protected by his credit card on the Internet well. 

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