U2 Rocks Tornino

Italian Press calls Bono: A bit ‘ham a bit,’ holy, devoted husband and womanizer, rockstar in the odor of Nobel Bono yesterday also managed to magnetize the crowd like no other in our time.

 He has charisma, is a common killer, with a supple voice that seems born to sing the elevation of the spirit and the torments of the flesh (including back pain that landed him for two months).

But we calculate also the glaring contradictions of his character that make it so similar to most humans. Value added is the band. Every good boy common sense that is left in the world, demands to be devoted to a band, so that together is better.

With a great guitar like The Edge, a large dusting, and two old guys grinding the pace of job as bassist Clayton (last all-white) and drummer Mullen (U2 were baptized in the kitchen of his mother in Dublin) The training does not lose its appeal.

Last night was an event because it marked the return after two months of forced stop operation for disk hernia Bono in late May, which made it mandatory cancellation of U.S. tour.

Bono’s not jumping as usual, however, in his full black leather, some jog, but has not yet regained full form; earned us the song, sometimes more accurate and heartfelt, though at the end of the two and a half hours of music

“Let’s go home too,” he said waving wearily. After all, 50 being shot, and 49 will arrive tomorrow for The Edge, celebrated early with large ‘Happy Birthday’.

Bono U2 set the stage a “family business”. The huge bridge round is often left unused. He dominated the play the songs. An eye to the sky, one at a disco.

The universal dream, which is open the concert with David Bowie’s Space Oddity (and closes Rocket Man by Elton John), to enhance the joy after pagan Beautiful Day, and then a tribute to the enthusiastic audience Magnificent, one of the few ’ latest album No Line On The Horizon, still waiting - because of slow sales - to be valued.

The giant machine technology is the largest and most sophisticated ever designed with the screen cone that rises and falls to the drawing stage another saint, Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks of the poor to save Africa: Africa is always in Bono’s heart is in Africa talking before the concert, in a room where he meets Microsoft founder Paul Allen, Alex Del Piero and the Director of Printing Mario Calabresi to thank the special issue on Africa: “You must not give up in the battle over Third World debt relief - he says - continue to support our organization. You made one of the best special editions on Africa I’ve ever seen. ”

Strong ugly, unreal, ragnone light green dotted with orange buttons, widens the four tentacles on the lawn. A technological marvel, created to allow full view of those who are on the backstage. Satisfied that everyone who paid 34.50 euros to 287 euros pigeon and who is in the pit (and upheld the band waving colored flags that drew the Irish).

The concert is a Scottish shower atmospheres. There is first a spiritual tension, with Mysterious Ways “and” I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For, there are two of the three unpublished announced: the insinuating voice and guitar ballad North Star and the famous Glastonbury rock festival Bono, motionless in bed, had to snub.

Plays the delightful Miss Sarajevo antibellica written with Brian Eno on the Pavarotti & Friends: Bono sings the tenor part in Italian, with lots of sharp.

But here is even MLK, a lullaby for the 1984 Martin Luther King, who extended his tribute to the Burmese Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Sunday Bloody Sunday is no longer dedicated to Irish Bloody Sunday in Belfast: the Arabic script, a green diffused images, reminiscent of the tragedy of Tehran.

The One who gives his name inspired the organization of humanitarian Bono, Archbishop Tutu’s speech closes on redemption of debt and the chances of African countries: Bono dedicated the last song Moment of Surrender to Bill Gates’ is a genius and given so much to the poor.