U2 By The Numbers

The state of preparations at the Olympic Stadium( Athens, Greece) for the  U2 continues days before landing of the Irish band the pitch change form.  Panic sets in, no one can say with certainty that the Statium will be ready for September 12 which is the date for the next sporting event. 

More than 100 trucks transported all the equipment and no fewer number 300 technicians involved with installing the scene consisting of a cylindrical LED screen, the whole project look like a spaceship inspired by the International Airport Los Angeles.

The entire building will be impressive and according to the steel structure has a height 27.43 meters, while the central pillar reaches 45.72 meters. The construction can support weight up to 180 tons. The monitor weighs 54 tons!

The groundbreaking scene will be set up at the Olympic Stadium for the concert of U2, weighs 400 tons and can support the bottom weight even 180 tons.

4 days needed to set up the stage, screen, lights and speakers used on tour 360.

6 hours needed to be dismantled after the concert.

48 hours are doing to reposition the technical backdrop to the trucks.

50 meters in height the entire landscape of the tour 360.

Innovative screen weighs 60 tons

180 trucks carry the scene of U2 from show to show

400 tons of gear and stage

180 tons can be supported from below.

500 000 pixels is the screen of the concert.

´╗┐All in a days work,