70K Brussel Fans in Ecstasy

Darkness fell upon Belgium as U2 began their first of two nights in Brussel. Tonights crowd which was about 70,000 fans had a chance to see the “The Claw” up close and personal.  Kicking off the show was “Return Of The Stingray Guitar” some consider it to be a song rather than intro music we are yet to define it. For Brussells the first of two shows on this beautiful summer night as the band sang “Beautiful Day” it was clear that the fans came to party. So right away they seemed to be in pure ecstasy as the boy drove thru with “I will Follow”. Interpol started the night off as the crowds began a sort of Mexican Wave, as to say HOLA Mexico your tun is soon to come.

Boino Brussels U2TOURFANS U2 360 TOUR The band would play 25 songs. It was a festive outlook. But the atmosphere came mainly from the stage, with its walkways in the audience off and where singer Bono tirelessly trotted back and forth. He has always been a bit wild, but this was just athletics. In  the audience, a mix of at least four generations, it was a party to any critical thought about the large footprint of this event obsolete.

For U2 singing titles like “Magnificent” and “Mysterious Ways’ and ‘Elevation’ only contiued to drive the fans to ecstasy.