Brussels Goes Crazy !

Even the rain could not stop a second show that was above amazing. The biggest show in the world landed and the boys played to amazing shows. Bad made its appearance the fans over joyed sang along most of the night. The setlist has been posted and videos keep coming in from you. If you have videos of the show let us know and we will be glad to post them.

The band came to the scene with all stadium lights on, enlarged at the huge oval video screen. There was something mythical. While the band “Return of the stingray guitar bets, a scorching piece of spacey blues, Bono strolled around those” claw “, as it is called innovation stage.

Then the lights really went out and ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘I will follow “the attack. These are fast songs with great guitar work and it did not cope with the klankman. The more rock guitars and industrial sounds in the sound emerged, and the faster the rhythm, the harder it was to U2 sounding good.

The setlist was predictable, but does not say anything. There was a serious difference between the way Bono “I Will Follow” which he sang and ‘Magnificent’ bets. That first song is to certify that the youth ideals remain intact. But ‘Magnificent’ is U2 now: four late forties (Bono is already 50) that so much money that they challenge the spiritually searching. The song was the first great moment of the evening.

Meanwhile, everyone was admiring the claw and all its glory. This wonderful little stage below that giant spider structure. This video screen that gave everyone a good view. The arrangement, which allowed you through the stage also saw sitting audience, which reinforced the feeling that we are all ‘one’ are.

Bono felt it after about a half hour time to the Belgian contribution to the spectacle of the flower to turn. “There are more Belgians participate in this show than any other nationality. Today, the claw home, “he said.

It was followed by an ecstatic moment of “I Still Have not Found What I’m looking for ‘, and then Bono wanted something else. With just guitar in support he sang ‘North Star’, a new little song that the stadium was too small musical. It was the beginning of an intimate part, but also the beginning of the world-improving part.

Nobody takes the blame Bono that he wants to reduce debt of poor countries, but there is a lot of frustration about his preacher attitude. From “In a little while” went the open box of tricks: the first boy from the audience, Frank De Winne from space, a sermon by Desmond Tutu, and finally, well into the gad, a patch ‘Amazing Grace’. To take or leave, but the concert was a different style.

Here it was still hard, with “Vertigo” and “I’ll go crazy, but it was the oerriff of ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ muddle-headedness that emerging weather knocked out the stadium for U2 U2 to do what is good at: the passion, melody, great faith.

The end of the concert, including a long bisronde, was back in the positive atmosphere, with euphoric singalongs like “One” and “With or Without You” into a “Moment of Surrender ‘to come. The ovation sounded long, loud and very intense.

Yes, it was a good concert. Pioneering in technology. Inspired spiritually. Volatile musical. Moderate to aural. Overwhelming as mass spectacle.