Moncton Press Conference Today

Live Nation Global Touring holding press conference at noon today in Moncton. Easily one of the biggest concerts to ever rock the Maritimes is expected to be officially announced today.

But HRM Mayor Peter Kelly says there is no sour grapes that iconic rockers U2 are reportedly playing in Moncton, not Halifax, this summer.

“That’s great for them. That’s great for Atlantic Canada and I wish them well,” Kelly said yesterday. 

The concert would be the latest feather in the cap for the New Brunswick city in landing major events. 

The Rolling Stones and AC/DC have all played out of the Magnetic Hill concert site, and last September, Moncton hosted the first-ever regular season Canadian Football League game east of Quebec at its new 20,000-seat outdoor stadium. 

“We can’t keep fighting over everything,” Kelly said, referring to talk of a rivalry existing between Moncton and Halifax in landing these marquee events. “Everybody can’t get everything. We have to share those resources. They have done well and I wish them well with this concert.”

There are no outdoor shows coming to the Halifax Common this summer because of the Canada Games oval, but Kelly said there may be at least one major one on Garrisons Grounds. 

He offered no specifics, but said “there have been some discussions with some groups.”

“I can’t get into any specific names,” he said. “I’ve heard quite a few names, but the fact is that I don’t want to impact those negotiations.”