And Love is

is not the only thing you leave behind. Sometimes life gives you a chance to review and look over some of your walk in’s and walk outs.  Bono made reference to death during a Rolling Stone interview in 2001. 

“If you’ve ever had a fright in your life, someone close to you dies, or whatever, things come into sharp focus and you just…suddenly some people become more important to you than others. Some ideas become more important to you than others. I think the Dalai Lama says, ‘Begin with death, start from there, and you won’t go far wrong.’ I don’t think he was just having a bad day. Christ says, I think, in the sermon on the mount, ‘If you love your life too much, you’ve already lost it.’ Which is an interesting one. As a younger man I remember I didn’t understand what he meant, because I loved life. You’re holding on so tight to it that you’re incapable of doing anything with it. It’s about fear.” - Bono, Rolling Stone 2001

The song was written about and dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi. It is written in the form of a supporting, uplifting anthem, praising her for her activism and fighting for freedom in Burma. She had been intermittently under house arrest since 1989 for her efforts. Due to the political message of the album, those attempting to import the album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, into Burma could face a prison sentence lasting between three and twenty years.

The title of All That You Can’t Leave Behind come from the lyrics of this song: The only baggage you can bring / is all that you can’t leave behind. “Walk On” was originally two different songs that, according to Adam Clayton, had great riffs but sounded terrible separately. The band combined them, and ended up with one of their most critically praised songs.

The fear sometimes keeps you from doing anything of meaning. The fear that holds you back can be viewed as your prision. Letting go and opening yourself to the possiblity of lifes little joys.  We hold our self back often because of the unknowen yet its the future we beleve in. The future that that we always reference as something we want.

So what does “Walk On” mean to you?  Could it be about heaven ?  Could it be about just leting go and becoming free to enjoy all of your life. I would believe that “God only gives you what you can handle” So the reference you can only take so much can be a looked upon as just that your awarness of what you can handle is just in line with God.

Whatever meaning the song takes for you. One thing is very clear. You