U2 Ready 4 SA

The greatest rock band in the world wake up every day with the fear of mistaking themselves for great. That’s what Bono says. “If you get to be very good, (you find) there’s a huge chasm between very good and great.”

But there’s little chance that U2 fans will feel that divide when they play at FNB Stadium in Joburg tonight.

The spider that arches its magnificent tentacles over the 360º stage where the band will step up as night covers Soweto, dwarfs the World Cup final pitch.

Suddenly it’s intimate. It holds you tighter. As evening laces over the dazzling orange seats, shadows crossing the boundaries, Bono’s promise that every fan there will get the same visual thrill is a sure thing. Their rehearsal pounds over the ground, the light checks turning the stadium into a giant pulsar, a roaring disco for the imagination of the faithful.

The band is having dinner in a box above the spider. It’s Friday night, and they flew into Joburg the day before, but there’s no glimmer of jet lag. Bono is taller than expected, by quite a bit. The Edge says he’s hardly recognisable out there in the world, and trusts the media gathered can make him “more interesting”.

We have resources all around the show tonight for you to be apart of the show.

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