U2's 'claw' arrives at Soccer City

The large, four-legged steel structure named the “claw” holds the sound system and video screen.

“The stage set features a 360-degree configuration… this unique design affords fans the opportunity to surround the entire stage as it has no definite front and back,” said Stadium Management SA chief executive Jacques Grobbelaar.

“Johannesburg is about to be gripped in “U2 fever” in anticipation of the build up to the concert, to be held on Sunday, February 13,” he said.

“The event is set to rock the city [and] preparations are well underway.”

A massive crowd was anticipated and management was preparing to host die-hard fans who would camp overnight in the surrounds of the stadium.

“For us this is extremely exciting to be hosting a global band of this stature and we have launched additional hospitality seat tickets in the Gold Club to accommodate all the U2 fans,” said Grobbelaar