Subscribers Get An "We See"

U2 fans you expected an answer. Well has posted an answer to the swell of upset subscribers. Here is the answer in whole. No editing just straight answer from the Dot Com team. We suggested that we post some of what we would like to see different. So now that we have someones ear. Lets be sure to ask for what we want. - Post your comments. on Facebook


We see that some fans are unhappy with the service at, we take the point.

Some issues raised hit hard, particularly about ‘Duals’ because a lot of work went into it. And it’s fair to say that if you’ve been following the band continually since the very early days, you might have collected these tracks, but for everyone else, there’s some great music here and we’re glad to hear you’re looking forward to receiving the CD.

Also, we’d like to clarify that subscribers are always first in line for tickets and our allocation is reserved to ensure we get the widest choice in a venue. We are sometimes beaten to the draw with news stories - that’s because we have no choice but to only run confirmed information. We are the official word.

If we get a tour date or set list track wrong or mislabel a lithograph - genuine mistakes - we’ll check and correct it.

But it’s not satisfactory that U2 fans feel aggrieved. So we’re going to investigate all of your concerns, including customer service.

We are always looking to improve the experience and the service we offer to subscribers as our recent live webcast from Cape Town shows. Thanks for your great response to that and thanks for raising these issues.

The Team