U2’s Last show in Sao Paulo

Last Night (Wednesday 4/13/2011) was the last of three shows for U2’s 306 Tour.  The show started at 21:43 with “Even Better Than The Real Thing” followed up with “I Will Follow” The show lasted about 2hours.

Fans around the world got a special treat, U2 was broadcasted across a couple of different approved sources and of course a couple non-approved one.

Bono remembered the children again killed in the massacre at Relaengo last week. The tribute, which was already made during the first show as, they played Moment of Surrender.

Bono was a bit chatty with the fans, and that did not seem to hide the fact this stop has taken a toll on his voice. Often asking for a little help to get thru some songs, and the crowd surely jumped right in. What the fans did notice is that he mixed some Spanish with Portuguese to converse with them, the crowds did not seem to mind.

Bono said “In Brazil and South America, we saw that we are here to listen and see you. Usually we sing to the public. But here you are singing for us. Usually we do a show for the public. But here, you are making a show for us. ” The reward came soon after when the band amended the track “I Still have not Found What I’m looking for,” which was sung by the chorus of fans.

Ten minutes later, the Irish singer Seu Jorge called to the stage - rolling back the language and referring to a musician in Rio as “Saint George”. The pair did a duet of voice and guitar of the song “The Model”, the German band Kraftwerk. In an interview with the G1 this afternoon, Seu Jorge said that it was he who suggested the band.

After the moment of collective ecstasy, Bono talked about the political activist from Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, who was twenty years under house arrest and dedicated the song to her.

The show also had the tracks “In the name of love,” “Beautiful Day”, “One,” “Vertigo” and “Zooropa” - the latter had already appeared on Sunday and had never been performed in its entirety by the band alive. “Get on your boots” also appeared, dedicated to Ronaldo.

Towards the end of the show, before “Where the Streets Have No Name”, Bono made the venture into Portuguese, quoting the phrase used in advertising Lula - “I am Brazilian and never give up.” Soon after, gave “good night, Brazil, adios, South America,” and thanked the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, “by giving the stadium” and “help us bring our dream to you.”

The show ended at 23h54 with “Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me,” “With or without you” and “Moment Of Surrender.”

The song ended, Bono earned his final tribute to the public and thanked the 89 000 spectators for the success of the band’s career. “” Thanks for giving us a great life, “the singer said, aware of how it got there.