Logistics for Estadio Azteca

U2 will arrive by helicopter at Azteca Stadium for their concert  in Mexico, Raúl Barrios, director of operations of the property, has the biggest challenge in the history of Coloso de Santa Ursula.

“We are facing the biggest challenge I’ve ever had the Estadio Azteca in regards to an event. And we must acknowledge that the history of Azteca does not have any stadium in the world,” said the manager in a telephone interview.

Among the rider requests of Bono, The Edge and company, shared bathrooms, seating area for 300 people in its production, a private group for members of beds, screens and jacuzzi, a laundry area, a special catering even defined, and a helicopter landing.

“The southern part of the stadium, outside the stadium from the tunnel 19 to 27, will be locked for the band. They want a place to land a helicopter. The band will fly in the area”.

Ninety-trailers with the production team will arrive at Azteca U2 early on May 2 and at least 220 people, between members of U2, Ocesa and Azteca, helped with four 80-ton crane, mounted the stage The Claw (The claw), 50 meters high.

“First place a flat two-inch aluminum all over the field to stabilize the stage, then come the structures of iron and then the screens, lights, audio. On 9 and 10 are for experiments with the band.”

For the fans who go to camp prior to the concerts, the Azteca Stadium will open an area with fencing in the parking lot and will be given free medical and health services, announced the executive.

After three U2 shows at the stadium, 11, 14 and 15 May, which could meet each 110 thousand people among people with paid ticket and owners of boxes and stalls, start removal, to take three days.

“The grass of the field there will be nothing, there will be total destruction after the concerts. We have already planted 6000; 500 square meters of grass to the left as you return to the field table.”

Well the tour moves on -