U2TOURFANS Welcomes Memphis Mullen

Over the last couple of weeks we have have been featuring Memphis Mullen within our site.

M2 as we like to reference her has a passion for U2 as a band but she has a bigger passion for Larry ! She will embark on a 2.5 month road trip across America to see all 16 USA shows.  Of course all U2 fans would never ask why would you do something like this ?

Simple, a documentary of the whole U2 experience as well as a book.  Over the next week starting on Apirl 11th we have given over our lead story to M2 - She will be writing her passion and giving us the details of this up coming adventure. 

We want to show her that we believe and support passion. Finding ones passion is as simple as to just listening to the voice inside and not worring about the details.

Oh yea about the details. This trip is funded by donations and savings and sweat and tears and well some hard work. If your inclined to make a donation or want to sponsor the trip we have a couple of great options to have your company name included on the banners, stickers. Some of the details of the trip. During the trip we can expect to have some meet ups around the tour stops, daily show updates, videos, and a live nightly broadcast of the days events. Watch our facebook page for the details. We even plan to have ticket give aways !  Please join the whole team in welcoming  Memphis Mullen - “On The Road with U2”

If you would like to purchase bumper sticker we have them on our page -