Is This The End ?

Is this the last big tour for the boys? The question always comes up at the end of a tour. This time fans seem to believe that we may have seen the last of U2. Bono has been telling fans “Don’t forget us” as if they may have already. What has concerned fans most was the comment during last months shows in Brazil where he said.

‘Tonight is our last night in South America and we wanted to remember this,’ said Bono after Until The End of the World. ‘So we’re going out live on radio and online across the whole of your mesmerising continent as an excuse so we can have the record of this show. This show will last for ever.’

To a capacity crowd on the third and final night in Sao Paulo and to fans around the world listening it the comment did not go unnoticed rather most fans just listened as their band played and praying that they will see greatness again.

Sao Paulo was special for so many reasons. Steve Lillywhite came in from NY to hear the tracks he produced and claimed it sounds just as good as it did 30 years ago.

U2 will go down as the greatness band in history not because we believe it, because the facts are clear, they have produced, provided and continue to create music that moves people beyond the space and time that they live in.

Sao Paulo was special, so special that many believe greatness is hard to repeat however Mexico fans await their arrival to push the boys beyond greatness and make their shows the best.  North America is right around the corner and the time has come for those fans to finally see Bono and the rest of the band.  

Tickets for all shows are still available can be found online