No Rapture Just a Mile High with U2

Denver was ready for the show, ready for about a year since Bono hurt his back. GA Line was pretty long, yet tickets still seemed to be available. We’ll skip the opening act, which from all tweets and facebook comments was better than good. They should have been earlier in the week the group had a chance to play a private show, nothing of course like U2’s private show.

Where else would you be in Denver on Saturday evening, 70 thousand plus fans packed in Invesco Stadium to U2 back to the USA. The boys took the stage about 8:45 p.m local time. The crowd was on its feet.  After a day of tailgating, music was in the air, beer flowing, and Memphis Mullen was somewhere out with the crowds.  For the next 2 hours it was all about U2, and the crowds shouted BONO, THE EDGE, CLAYTON and MULLEN! The wave took over the stadium and lift off!

The stage was massive as reported before.  The idea worked the larger the stage the closer everyone felt to the boys from Ireland.  The group like no other group out on tour today owns the stadium show

The show kicked off with a very passionate “Even Better Than the Real Thing” filtered into “I Will Follow,” leading into a pummeling “Get On Your Boots.” “Boots” with The Edge whaling away the party officially kicked into high gear

Bono drew the crowd in closer to kick up and off “Elevation, and the crowd joined in with “All That You Can’t Leave Behind. From up top of the stadium “Beautiful Day” was amazing. “ Walk On” a tribute to peace campaigns and offers hope to the crowd expecting the world to end.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” a classic rock anthem, which lead into “Where The Streets Have No Name” the rest of the evening was note perfect and the evening was worth the wait. Bono is back and the boys are ready to take on the US this summer with the largest tour out on the road.

So what happened Harold Camping? I guess the rapture missed us? Bono dedicated “Until the End aof The World to Harry (ok we should show Campie some respect)

Bono said “ To be taken up to the air, sounds like fun to me, just as long as Larry Mullen is with me” kind of sermon “ God is in the house”

Something pretty crazy started to happen. Bono standing on the bridge started shaking and spazzing with the group playing an instrumental breakout, could that be Bono’s way of simulation of what the rapture would look and feel like, with some lighting and video?

U2 fans left the stadium entertained, and the boys left feeling like they are back! Outside its America,  and we came to rock you.  Now its time to move on to Salt Lake City -

Before we move on the BIG Red trucks load up and out - Big Shout out to Upstaging !