U2 to perform on 'American Idol' finale

U2 is set to perform on the ‘American Idol’ season 10 finale this Wednesday, reports Billboard.

While backstage at the Billboard Music Awards, the band’s longtime manager, Paul McGuinness, revealed that the group would be rehearsing for the ‘Idol’ finale on Monday before performing on the show two days later.

In between the rehearsal and performance, U2 will perform at Salt Lake City’s Rice-Eccles Stadium on Tuesday. Talk about a busy schedule!

The four members of U2 also took the stage yesterday at the Billboard Music Awards to accept the Top Touring Artist Award for its record-breaking 360° tour. U2 guitarist the Edge admitted that it was an honor receiving the award.

Bono: ‘Some of the greatest music is made quietly. You can make classic albums in your bedroom, you can play the greatest show of your life on a one string guitar… but we just don’t do that.’

Larry: ‘I’d like to thank our crew. I’m embarassed to say I don’t know all of their names… But they leave their homes and families to put up and tear down our spaceship, our claw. It’s been our home for the last two years and we want to thank them for that.’

Adam added that he thought the stage looks like a children’s toy while Edge finished up by saying that his favourite part of the show every night is ‘when they turn all of that shit off and we get to feel like we’re alone with our audience.

“It’s always a thrill to win an award, but something about this really connected when I realized that more people had come to this tour any previous tour. Seven million people — I still can’t quite get my head around that figure. It’s so astonishing, and just feels really good.”