Welcome Eric Shivvers !

Editor Comments:  Greetings U2 fans around the world, as we start the 3rd leg of the 360 Tour I wanted to find some thing new and refreshing for you. I have had a chance to read a ton of U2 media ( Books, Websites and Sermons) I came across Eric Shivvers a couple of months back. As I was reading I began to nod my head in agreement, Music is the sound track of my life. When I was working in the music business I lost that concept of being a fan, just a fan nothing more. I became so focused on the performance and the sound that I pushed aside those feelings of just a fan to become better at what I do within the industry.

Fast forward: U2 is the sound track for my life. It all started with “New Years Day”  which was not the first time I heard or saw them, it was just a period, second in time that I was moved to making a difference. Don’t we all just want to make a difference? Eric’s book is inspiring and uplifting and most of all its a true fan book speaking from the heart.

Please join me and lets welcome Eric to the team. Eric Shivvers is a freelance graphic designer who turned to writing in the fall of 2006 when his mother could no longer pick-up the phone due to Alzheimer’s. Eric wrote in a cathartic manner, keeping alive the memories of the good times they shared. What Eric discovered was the Irish rock band, U2, sat in the background, playing the soundtrack to his life. Eric’s recently self-published memoir,I’m a Fan: How I married U2 into my life without going to the altar is the result of his writing journey. 

Watch for Eric’s contributions to appear today. Please share your comments and thoughts with all our writers thats how we become better at crafting our stories for you.  Thanks being a fan - Andres