The Edge and Adam Chat with RS

Dre: The tour season for U2 will come to an end in an interview posted on Rolling Stone The Edge and Adam talked about the next tour and gave some ideas of what it could be like. Also within the interview we learned about the 2011 ablum.

Brian Hiatt from RS had a chance to catch up with Adam and The Edge at the Denver show. Here is some of that coversation.

Adam was asked there are a number of No Line On he Horizon songs not on the setlist so the show does feel like a NLOTH show at this point, Adam said yea its unfortunate, we would like to be playing more from the album, we did get good reviews however the fans did not catch on, think of it this way the single did not work so fans did not have a road into the album. We would have to agree however since we know a deeper U2 lies within we gave the album second and third chance.

The tour was to be over by now. The timing of the tour was nothing we could do. What happened to Bono was fairly serious and at the time he could not have gone on. He needed to be operated on now. That gave us a chance to work on material. However we have not had a chance to go back and work on a completed set. Pretty much why we will not have a record this year.

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The Edge talked abit about the next tour and said that we could expect something different, the interview did go on about spiderman which seems to be a sore subject for Bono and The Edge not a project that will go down as perfect, more like it was a labor of love. Well thats alot of love.

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