Spider After Party Secure Deal

Bono’s Spidey Sense sure was tingling on Tuesday night.

After a rousing, fist-pumping appearance at the opening-night performance of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” the U2 front man’s paranoia took center stage for the $65 million musical’s after-party at Bowlmor Lanes Midtown.

“It was the most high-security event I’ve ever been to,” says a source familiar with the situation.

According to the insider, Bono had his security team thoroughly sweep the nightspot before his arrival.

“They did multiple walk-throughs ahead of time to make sure everything was secure and swept the closets to make sure no one was in them.” (Julie Taymor, perhaps?)

Bono also kept the guest list to his private VIP area tighter than Spider-Man’s Spandex suit. Only preapproved friends, family and celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, her husband, club owner Rande Gerber, and Julian Lennon were permitted to keep him company.

The source adds that cast members such as T.V. Carpio, who plays Arachne in the musical, tried to gain entrance to Bono’s inner sanctum but were turned away.

“He wanted to be left alone because he is Bono,” says the source.

Perhaps the charismatic celebrity felt he’d done his part for the problem-plagued show at the Foxwoods Theater, where he sat next to Bill Clinton and one row behind Jay-Z.

Bono remained relatively reserved during Act I of “Spider-Man.” The show features music and lyrics written by him and his U2 bandmate The Edge.

By Act II, however, Bono could hardly contain himself. As Reeve Carney, who plays Peter Parker, belted out the final notes of the musical number “The Boy Falls From the Sky,” Bono shot out of his seat, pumped his first and shouted in triumph. (Clinton, on the other hand, kept it presidential.)

When the final curtain fell, he practically jumped over Clinton to take the stage and do a few bows with The Edge.

He also took the mic to explain why the show took 16 months and 2½ times its original cost to officially open.

“We had to save ‘Spider-Man’ because ‘Spider-Man’ has to save New York,” Bono said.

The rock star then retreated to a makeshift VIP room in the theater. There, says a source, he hosted Clinton, Jay-Z, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy Fallon, among others, before heading to a very secure Bowlmo

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