Philadelphia Freedom U2 Rocks 7Ok Fans

Mark Peterson 2011 The wait was over! Bono and the boys came to rock 70,000 plus fans at Lincoln Financial Field not remind them of whom the greatest rock band in the world would be, rather to thank them for being great fans.

U2 fans are amazing, some a little over the top, some just below the line and some that just heard of the band last year.  Hardcore U2 fans stand in GA lines around the tour for hours, doling out sharpie line numbers, sharing stories of their favorite band.

Unlike other bands, U2 fans travel well. Some travel from show to show in hopes of meeting their favorite band member, others travel because it is a time to catch up with old friends and make new friends. No matter what the reason they all say it is more than the music. For that U2 fans remain amoung the most dedicated fans around the world.

Bono greeted the fans with “Some of you were two years younger when you purchased your tickets” “ Thank you for you’re your patience” and you knew it was going to be a special night.  Lets skip all the details of “The Claw” which is now officially for sale (cost 40M to build) and the fact that this is highest grossing tour of all time about 700M its all about the music now.  U2’s last visit was 4 nights at the Wachovia Center back in 2005. 

The set list was packed with 22 songs, of course “Where The Streets Have No Name” was a crowd pleaser, “Stay(Faraway, So Close) drew them in closer and held the fans as Bono and The Edge did a acoustic piece. Giving a nod to Bruce Springsteen in honor of The Big Man with a little “Promise Land”

 Dedication to Aung San Suu Kyi with “Scarlet” and rolled into “Walk On” originally written about Suu Kyi.

Bono was a bitt chatty and has been the whole tour, with politics weaved into the message of peace and love the boy’s dove into their catalog of music as to remind fans that freedom has a price.  

This tour has been amazing; the production, crew and steel teams have performed amazingly well under the pressure of delivering a show that compares to non other and well hold the top honors until well frankly until U2 creates another amazing stadium tour.  “ Don’t forget about us”  Well Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry that’s pretty hard to do when the music is a part of your life.