U2 Meets 50K Fans In St Louis

Bono / @Nick Walker 2011 Nashville, Chicago and St Louis considered being the hottest cities on the USA tour so far. The St. Louis region has been under an excessive heat warning since Saturday. The National Weather Service extended the warning through 7 p.m. Friday and has said that heat index values could reach between 105 and 115 degrees. Only about 500 fans lined up early; based on the warning most fans elected to wait until later in the day.

“Its been a long wait but worth it” said many St Louis fans, which was been the common statement in most cities. Waiting in line for the premier spot for viewing or hide in the shade, GA line fans arriving early had the chance to stand on the part aluminum floor which could heat up some eggs and bacon without a miss of a beat.  Fans arrived as early as 5AM yet we know of several “walk ups” this is a small group of fans that wait until the last minute and walk up to the GA line, once inside they select their location, The Edge side or Adams side – of course Bono’s always filled in nice and tight.

The set list was pretty much the same as the other cities, however the “The Fly” made an early appearance and most of the songs from No Line in The Horizon tossed into the discount bin and moved off the set list. In case you don’t remember this tour was to support that album/cd which failed to grab audiences so the boys return to what works with their fans.  The standards or you could even call them the classics most fans will agree that the tour in its massive stage and production still bring their band closer than ever before, and every song is considered gold.