Minnesota Readys for U2 and Storms

Mark Peterson 2011 /U2 Tour Bus St. Paul, Minn. – Where can you find 60,000 people on a Saturday night? This Saturday U2 returns to Minnesota, to perform in University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, which will host its first concert, what a way to start out. Go for the biggest tour of the season, which has the largest crew, equipment and fans out on tour this summer. As we all know by now U2 was to play here last summer.

Of course Bono is feeling better, “Let’s face it: he’s got the best doctors in the world, and he’s come back a better man for it, but us Irish are pretty tough you know,” said Rocko Reedy, who has been U2’s tour manager for the last 20 years.

The tour is about to finish up, and No Line on the Horizon is just that a faded memory of the past. The musical set has changed a bit since the last swing around the US. This time the boys elect to support some of their older songs and go for the crowd pleasers, which has seemed to work very well.

University officials are ready for everything, which includes bad weather. The chance for severe thunderstorms on Saturday run high, the boys will play thru as they have in the past. 

So, who could stop the show? Well Rocko simply said “I have four Irishmen that are my bosses, but there’s one boss above them, and he’s up there and he calls the shots — especially when it comes to rain. “But I’ve seen these guy play in the driving rain, and the energy level just comes up.”

Minneapolis is the third to the last stop, so the tour will come to close as most tours do, this one is special over 400 crew members started this tour 2 ½ years ago and its been a rollercoaster ride of enjoyment.