Fans Ready in Minnesota

Bono / Mark Peterson/ U2TOURFANS/2011St. Paul, Minn. — GA ticket holders have been streaming in since 6 a.m. at The University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium. General admission will open today at 4:30 pm. We can expect about 60,000 fans to attend tonight’s show. Scott Ellison (athletic director) has extra staff in place. Many people are arriving to the stadium for the first time. Do not expect to catch the show from outside the stadium that is going to happen.  Weather could be a problem tonight, its still to early to tell what we can expect from the weather.

So if you have not arrived yet. Consider taking public transportation leave the car home, arrive early and remember NO ALCOHOL will be allowed – As that means no to Smoking weed.  Security will be checking bags as you enter. School campus rules across America have a dry stadium rule for many years to avoid fan injury.

 Send your photos and videos into our facebook site and remember if your not attending the show tonight we will stream it live.