Amazed and Delighted Rain Soaked Fans

Rain could not keep U2 from rocking the TCF Bank Stadium this past weekend. The road crew has started the removal of the stage, fans crushed in traffic and yet a hush of peace has gently taken over the crowd. 

Some fans as one of the best shows have considered the Minnesota show thus far; Bono delivered a performance as if rain was not even a concern. Fan having waited for this show had concerns that it may never happen, yet in the end Bono did provide the fans what they expected to hear, some where impressed others just happy to see them back again for one more time. A few surprises over all a show this large has very few surprises, set changes, comments customized per city and events, that sort of thing.

Opening the show with Even Better than the Real Thing, and the set list was packed with all of the fan favorite hits, including many from the album Joshua Tree. The band dedicated Stuck in a Moment to the late singer, Amy Winehouse, in a heartfelt tribute. Stuck in a Moment was originally written for the late INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchence, who sadly took his own life.

Fans enjoyed the video appearance of astronaut Mark Kelly from space! Prerecorded a message for his wife, which made the performance “Beautiful Day”.  

Fans had no fear of rain, lightening did some people for cover, who wants to be hit by lighting at U2 concert.

We are close to the finish line, we can see the end and its as clear as today, U2 will wrap up its US tour later in the week, fans that traveled the country this summer to see every show will head back to their normal lives and begin remember the summer of U2.  How do you remember it ? Did you travel the country in search of the best U2 show ? Do have photos and videos that you want to share ? Post your comments on our facebook page.