One Oak Tree 4 Chicago

The Edge/ U2TOURFANs/ CHICAGO 2011U2 performed in Chicago, with a couple of surprises. Before we jump into the surprises we owe a special thanks to Principle Management, Live Nation and local promoters for the access.  We arrived early to greet the GA line. The whole process was as smooth as glass. We did hear of some bumps in the road. However for the most part fans enjoyed the early entry to avoid the heat of Chicago. 

This show was for the fans.  Achtung Baby songs led off the night with an early arrival of “Out of Control”. However this was not the biggest surprise of the evening. Bono had plenty a bit chatty for most of the show. Just before “Moment of Surrender, Bono spoke about the death of Greg Carroll who was killed by a drunk driver on July 3rd 1986 for which “One Tree Hill” was written.  It seemed that only a bit of the song would be played, than Bono made his deal with the audience after a short talk with the “Professor” “If we screw up pretty baldy, you don’t put it on the Internet”. A slow start, they launched into the full song with even a solo.  The set list has been updated, photos and videos are coming in now, we expect to provide a complete over once we clear our photo box. Thank you Chicago, Thank you to all the wonderful fans in GA we had a chance to meet.