Who the "F" is Tom Meighan ?

Tom Meigham/Kasabian Kasabian star Tom Meighan hated touring with Irish rockers U2, and he has branded the gigs “horrible” and the “worst ever”.

The British band joined forces with the superstar group to open for them on a number of their 360 shows, but Meighan wishes they had never agreed to join the tour.

He tells News.com.au, “I didn’t take in anything supporting them, them gigs (sic) were horrible. Worst ever. U2 fans are cardboard cut-outs. Can you imagine supporting U2? Their fans are probably into one band and one album - Joshua Tree. I didn’t learn anything ‘cos that’s just a f**king different level. It was amazing to watch and meet them, but I didn’t learn anything apart from just get the f**k out.”

Meighan is now adamant he will never agree to be an opening act ever again, adding, “I hate supporting bands, we’re not a support band. So that’s never gonna happen again.”