U2 documentary premiere in Toronto

Rockmentary fans are in luck with the release of two new documentaries from U2 and Pearl Jam debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival later this week.

The world premiere of a U2 documentary called From the Sky Down, directed by Davis Guggenheim, who earned an Oscar for his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, will headline the festival on September 8 - marking the first time the festival has opened with a documentary.

Pearl Jam are also premiering their Cameron Crowe-helmed documentary Pearl Jam Twenty, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Ten, on September 10. Pearl Jam and band friend Crowe, who wrote and directed Singles and Almost Famous, have collected over 1,200 hours of vintage footage of the band, along with new interviews and a soundtrack.

Following the release of the film in select theaters in the US on September 20, Pearl Jam Twenty will also air on October 21 on PBS. No information is yet available on its wider release, but stayed tuned to the band’s official website for more details.

U2’s documentary will be featured as part of the 20th anniversary reissue of their album Achtung Baby, set to release October 31/November 1.