Irrelevantvant U2 in 2012

Thinking about the article in Rolling Stone referencing U2 and Bono’s comments of irrelevance. The boys have been working on 3 album projects. Bono made reference to having a need to having U2 music played on radio. RS threw some cold water on that idea.

RS:” We hope they realize that radio is unlikely to put any song they ever write into heavy rotation: instead, they should just focus on making another great record, and then hit the road on an arena tour that drops some of the old warhorse in favor of great songs from the past. We fear their primary focus is competing with Lady Gaga on radio. Its a fight they’re going to lose.”

U2 music will be played on radio and other sources. Commercial radio may not be the right venue for U2; however consider SIRUSXM as a perfect new home for the boys. Bruce Springsteen has made a go for it and it has worked out well for both. The Police had a channel and the list goes on. Online music venues have worked well for bands that have a strong fan base and look to continue to supporting good music. U2 has a strong marketing machine and management team unlike other bands. Record labels have lost some of their power as band gain back the control of the direction of their music, so expect to see U2 take hold of the reins as they guide their fans thru the next 20 years.  

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