Drummer Looking For Good Musicans

Call Larry Mullen Jr. at 555 3164.  That was about 40 years ago, and the rest is history as one would say. The history that has outlasted marriages, wars, hunger, thirst, and desire for more from inside a Dublin primary school; Yep! Its U2 say Bill Graham introduces a promising new four piece band.  Real U2 fans know everything there is to know about U2 and most likely more than we could ever write or do justice to the real U2 fans.  However, it's a special day in the hearts of millions of U2 fans around the world. Yes around the world. U2 may be four boys from Dublin they now belong to the world.  

It all started with Larry's desire to form a band while in school. A simple post and a few trials the boys found each other. Coming up with a name was a challenge, the first of many opportunities for conversations that developed the debate.  XTC ? Designer Steve introduced the name "U2".  

Over the next week, we will have lots of great stories to share about the boys from Dublin, and we will have a special promotion for U2 fans.

Many marriages could not least 40 years. However, four young men from Dublin found a way to make it work and continue to make it work every day