Future, The Future is

Right now most U2 fans are asking the same question. What the heck is taking so long?  We all seem to be asking the same questions. If most of the songs have already been played before what seems to be taking them so long? So long ? Really now why are we U2 fans so demanding that our boys produce some music asap to fill our need to have fresh U2 music.  Its not that standard pop crap that we seem to hear blasting from the radio today. 

Most of these songs were played by U2 on the 360 tour after Bono recovered from a back injury and wanted to do something special for his fans.

"Boy Falls From the Sky" was done for the "Spiderman" musical while"North Star" was featured in "Transformers" for a few seconds but wasn't released in any other format.

Two other songs that are rumored to possibly be part of the new album are "Soon" and "Winter." "Winter" was featured in two movies-"Brothers" and "Linear" while "Soon" was used as an intro to concerts in 2010.

Why exactly is the next album proving to be difficult for U2? Bono explained that he believed, "U2 is on the verge of irrelevancy" (we disagree) and added "we have to do something on this next album that is very very special in order to have a reason to exist."

He also said, "U2 has been beating the odds of being irrelevant for close to 20 years, since Rattle and Hum, and we had to find ways to keep ourselves fresh, yet loyal to our fans which we love so much."

Thank goodness that "we are still hungry and not ready to give up our spot as the biggest and best band in the world because we feel like we have much to offer...we are still as cool as we were in 2004 and even 1994."

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