MTV Years of U2

New York:  On Saturday, August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m. EST, MTV steamrolled right into America's living room.  Footage of the first Space Shuttle launched, andcountdown of Columbia and the launch of Apollo 11 visuals on our television screenMusic would forever linked to videos. The first video on that early morning was "Video Killed The Radio Star."

U2's first video to get heavy airplay was New Year's Day considered at the time the most ambitious video at that point. Directed by Meiert Avis, who worked on "Gloria and "I Will Follow".

Meiert and the boys had planned to shoot the video in Sweden, however, that just did not work out. So they headed off to Norway, and those beautiful mountains and lots of snow gave way to one of the most beautiful videos produced.

What most people did not know was that the band members not experienced riders as well as being right in the middle of a tour gave an opportunity for some Swedish teenage girls disguised as the members of group riding on horseback with masks over their faces to shoot the horse riding scenes.

"New Years Day" is U2's fifth most frequently performed live concert song, what would you think the first song would be? 

Happy Birthday MTV


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