Possible New U2 Clips

So these two clips are making the rounds right now under the guise of who knows what to make of it. I haven’t heard these before but that isn’t unusual. Clip one has an older quality about it. Perhaps a leftover from other sessions? The latter has a more distinct feel. Check them out and see what you think!

Clip 1: Title: U2-13-2-12 HQ Disc3—– 1


Lyrics (forgive me but this sounds like Bongolese to me):
Oh, oh no, oh, oh
I got your phaser on the ground
I know you came but galls around
I gotta fail in blocks that change the soul
You can’t control
Last night, you change my…

Clip 2: Title: U2-13-2-12 HQ Disc3—–2


Lyrics (again, much likely wrong):
Oh be allowed to feed your soul
Going out beneath all we know
Think about us in the roll
Sent you down to be in our soul

Definitely like both but especially the second clip. Whether this turns out to be another moment at the bullshit trough remains to be seen!