Summer of "Red Hill Mining Town"

New York City:  Ask any U2 fan, any U2 fan that has been a long term fan, "What song from Joshua Tree are you looking forward to seeing live?"

Heck, we asked months ago and traded a few messages back and forth with fans. "Red Hill Mining Town," The most requested song from the album and fans, wait for that perfect blend of Bono and the boys as you emerge in a feeling that can not be explained with a few words.

A rough version was worked up during the writing sessions about 1985, Bono focusing in on the stress on families and their relationships many of which had broken down. 

A Tony Parker book Red Hill: A Mining Community was a bit of the inspiration with a heavy focus on the relationships and lite on the politics Bono handled the criticism with ease and grace. 

The song was planned for release as the follow-up single. However, the boys unhappy with the video and Bono was challenged to hit the high notes during pre-Joshua Tree Tour rehearsals. Thus pushing up the release of "I Still Haven't Fond What I'm Looking For."

"Red Hill Mining Town" had been part of a sound check back in November 1987 however never played live.

So U2 fans we await the release of the new album, we have this summer to reconnect with friends along the tour. How many of can not wait to see Mirror Man? As well as the many dedicated fans.