Scalpers In U2 Heaven

New York:  Sure U2 has sold over 1.1 million tickets worldwide. However how many have been sold directly to music fans? U2 fans again have expressed significant concerns on how ticket sales once again have pushed U2 fans to secondary markets at prices that go beyond extreme.

U2 fans have taken to social media to express their anger at Live Nation, Ticketmaster and of course the thousands of ticket brokers around the world. A petition has launched by the Irish fans voicing their concerns about the secondary market.  

So what about the fan club? If you're a member, you get a pre-sale code, and you can purchase tickets before the ticket sales open to the public. However, that right comes with a fee and no guarantee that you will, in fact, get tickets.  Just how many tickets are carved out for the fan club? Ticket sales have been an issue not only for U2 fans, but it's also a matter for all fans that would like experience a show at a reasonable price. 

The dedicated U2 fans have worked out among each other a way of sharing pre-sale codes and even extra tickets at face value to ensure that fans can attend the show and not support brokers.

Fans can share their information with other fans on U2 Forums. Sharing their extra tickets or even pre-sales codes which at this point would be over. Fans find ways to connect with other fans and work out ways to be able to attend shows. U2 fans are the most dedicated and supportive of other fans. In the end we all want to have a great U2 experience