Free Show My Ass !

Well we knew if we waited some time a true message would come out about the possible free show in Brazil for the world cup. Once again it proves why we don’t post rumors or suggested possible rumors - All because its bull shit ! Yup that’s the official word of the day  - We have been off a few days for a well deserved break and when we returned our email box was flooded with emails from our friends down south ( South America) Yea the boys had plays a super show over a 3 day period and amazed the crowds. So of course the rumor mill would start flying a story that the boys may come back around to play a free show. Well we did some digging and it seemed possible based on calendars and timeline of releases that this could be possible. Well we digged deeper and got some info from some sources and the verdict is in. BULL SHIT - We call it - Nope no facts yet to suggest its possible. So with that we will remain our ban on rumors. Ugh said to say we been dupped but hey every dog has its day.