Biden meets Bono at White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says Vice President Joe Biden has met with Bono to discuss global development, AIDS and efforts to fight poverty.

The singer and activist has been a leading advocate for Africa, drawing attention to issues ranging from poverty and hunger to AIDS.

Spokesman Jay Carney joked that Bono and Jim Messina — President Barack Obama’s campaign manager — were forming a new band. Messina also visited the White House on Tuesday. Carney says Obama did not meet with Bono

Bono and President Obama Update

Bono was in Washington on Friday and visited the White House to meet President Obama to fill him in on his recent trip to Africa.

It appears the meeting was not on Obama’s official itinerary for the day, but a National Security spokesman told CNN what the two talked about.

“[They discussed] ways to make sure our foreign aid is effective, and the opportunities for innovation and technology to change the development landscape in Africa,” he said.

The Bono-founded charity organization ONE released a statement about the visit, in which the U2 front man went over some of the issues discussed.
“With the first Blackberry president, we discussed the power of new technology to empower activists and entrepreneurs across Africa, part of a new rising generation that’s boosting growth and governance and defying stereotypes,” read the statement.

Bono gets Oval Office meeting with Obama

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and U2 lead singer Bono have met in the Oval Office to discuss the administration’s development work in Africa.

The White House says the social activist singer joined with Obama, along with members of his national security staff, to talk about ways to make sure U.S. foreign aid is effective. They also discussed opportunities for using innovation and technology to drive economic growth in Africa.

The meeting Friday comes as the administration prepares for several international summits where development will be on the agenda.

U2's One Video

As I was thinking about what to throw out today I was remembering the One video. This next administration seems to grab the concept of "we carry each other" Think about the way we are today and the future of what President Elect Obama has started to say. While the video is about taking a care of someone that is not the same as you, via color, race and does not think like you. President Elect has taken us back to a time when we did turn around to see where our brother stands. I think we are all heading in the right direction.

"One life
But we're not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other"