U2 Kicks Off US Tour In San Jose

San Jose, CA —  Do you know the way to San Jose? Clearly U2 knows the way to fans hearts with a couple of throw backs and push forwards.

U2 kicked off the first North American date with sold out show at SAP Center on Monday. A couple of super stars in attendance, we expect we will see the “A” list crowd really show up at the LA Shows.

U2 and Silicon Valley have a tightly aligned bond that extends beyond just music; the bands own venture capital company has invested millions in the area of music technology as some other juicy projects and of course APPLE.

San Jose's set list looked just like the first night. Early on the twitter feeds had an bit of an early warning of what to expect from a post taken of the sound board the complete set list for the night ahead. The complete review plus images and video can be found on our San Jose page 1.