U2's The Edge rocks an acoustic set at Sistine Chapel

New York: The Edge turned into the principal rock performer to perform at the Sistine Chapel this weekend when he played an acoustic set with a youthful Irish choir.

As indicated by NBC News, The Edge (otherwise known as Dave Evans) was welcome to make that big appearance in conjunction with the gathering was invited to take the stage in conjunction with the conference on regenerative medicine, which was held at the Vatican. The meeting has an individual significance for The Edge, whose little girl had overcome leukemia.

"When I was requested that perform in the Sistine Chapel I didn't recognize what to say, on the grounds that more often than not there's 'this other person' who sings," he told the group of onlookers, making a joke about U2's Bono. "So it took me at any rate, well, 30 seconds to consent to it."

Evans performed U2's melodies "Yahweh," "Conventional World," and "Stroll On," and Leonard Cohen's "Whether It Be Your Will."

See some fan-shot footage underneath.