TD Garden GA Line Tuesday Details

Tuesday, July 14 at 7:30PM | Doors Open at 6:30PM

Important information for GA Floor ticket holders

Security will distribute numbered wristbands beginning at 8AM each show day in the foyer of Stair 4 located past the box office on the West side of North Station. Ticket holders will be allowed to line back up at Stair 4 at 5PM. GA Doors will then open at 6PM.

Important Information: This is a Partially Paperless Ticketed Event
Must bring credit card used to purchase tickets & your photo ID 

Please be advised that all GA floor tickets are paperless for this event. The original ticket purchaser must attend the event with the credit card used to purchase AND a valid government issued photo ID. Both will be checked at turnstiles. Paperless tickets are non-transferrable and the entire party must enter the venue at the same time.

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Please Pardon Our Appearance
TD Garden concourse renovations underway

Please note that construction is currently taking place on the Balcony level (level 7), impacting select concession stands and restrooms as part of the renovation project for TD Garden. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and appreciate your patience as we look forward to the significant upgrades to TD Garden.

Secondary Ticket Market Hurts U2 Fans

By: Ralph Garcia

It’s been a few years since U2 last hit the road, but they’ll be heading out again in 2015. The band recently announced dates for their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, which is currently only scheduled to hit nine cities across North America. While there’s not many cities being played, the band will play multiple nights in each for a current total of 30 concerts. With the tour four months away, U2 tickets on the secondary market have been in high demand since going on sale.

According to TiqIQ, the average price for U2 tickets across all 30 dates is $254.53 on the secondary market. Four of the five dates at New York City’s Madison Square Garden will be the most expensive of the tour. The July 18 show has a current average price of $513.47, 101.7% above the tour average. While that’s an exuberant price, no other show has an average price above $400. The next most expensive date has an average price of $359.57 for July 23, 30% below the show on the 17th but still 41.2% above the tour average.

The least expensive shows on the secondary market come in Toronto and Phoenix. The opening night of the tour on May 14 will be the least expensive of the tour with an average price of $173.51, 31.8% below the tour average at Toronto’s Rogers’ Centre. The next two least expensive concerts will come at US Airways Center in Phoenix with an average price of $174.64 on May 22 and $189.01 on May 23.

Only four shows have an average price below $200, with a May 19 date at SAP Center being the other. During the U2360 Tour, the band toured all over the world for two years. It’s likely more dates will eventually be added to this tour across North America.

U2, Ticketmaster and PreSales Hell ! Wait We've got a Golden Ticket


U2 announced more dates and this was to be a good thing for U2 fans in few select chosen cities.

Now those of you that are sitting by your computers waiting for 12:00PM EST to have that lucky chance to get a ticket, ease your minds in knowing that only a few will be blessed and the rest will have to visit their local broker to get that golden ticket.

Its 1pm in the east and by all accounts of our sources that is it GA is gone again for those chosen few. Now before you start to bitch about process and ticket brokers think about this.

U2 announced a limited show engagement; added more dates and even with the drama around Ticketmaster they managed achieve what they set out to do. Sell out shows early and often.  Yes the process maybe broken and challenging for the fans however it has always been broken that is nothing new.

What can we expect from U2 moving forward? We know for sure that more dates and now that we all have used our pre-sale codes, they will not have to go through that process again. Alternatively, maybe they will offer U2 fans a limited edition pre-sales code. Ah another chance at the golden ticket !

U2 Fans New Pre-Sale Schedule (This Week)

Sold out shows leads to more shows. Its that easy. U2 has announced add on shows and also introduced a new schedule for pre-sales fans. 

What did you learn from the last time ?

Make sure you have a good credit card, sign in early, wait for it, wait, just wait and throw a couple of prayers out to "Mary" for good measure. 

New York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin and Paris.

Pre-sale schedule for Subscribers this week: ( see this weeks schedule)

  • Wednesday, Dec 10 - 10am (local) - Pre-sales open for eXPERIENCE Group
  • Thursday, Dec 11 - 12noon EST (North America) or 10am local (Europe) - pre-sales open for iNNOCENCE Group
  • Friday, Dec 12 - 12noon (local) - Pre-sales end
  • Monday, Dec 15 - Public on sale


The unofficial results suggest that all GA tickets are gone. That's it folks we have check around, tested the system and pushed over a couple of TM resources to find out that all GA has been sold out.   The TM process has changed a bit so that you have to use your credit card for the ticket purchase and that you have to use the same card to get your tickets. Now this should derail ticket brokers however that's not going to be the case in most large cities. We expect to see broker prices beyond the moon or a at least close to it. 19 cities leave everyone looking for tickets and most have not found one. Its going to be a interesting few months of ramping up for the tour and yet we don't have an update on Bono's health. Easy now all will be fine

U2 Crushed Ticketmaster

Due to the high demand Ticketmaster has been crushed ! This was the official comment from the U2 official site.

"Due to demand, Ticketmaster is currently experiencing a major slowdown on their system.

We apologize to all subscribers for the delay and inconvenience.

Everyone is working on a quick solution.

Tickets will still be available for subscribers and we will keep you posted."

U2, Foo Fighters and Ticketmaster !


U2 and Foo Fighters on the same day for pre-sales and tickets has caused Ticketmaster to crash as a result to the the massive volumes of ticket requests.

Many of the forums have suggested that the whole ticket process seems to be a bit challenging. Suggestions ? Well we say you have keep trying or you might download the TM app because that runs on a different platform. Either way relax you going to get a ticket.

We must remind you of this:  Ticketmaster Credit Card Entry Tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE. THE ORIGINAL TICKET PURCHASER MUST ATTEND THE EVENT. At ENTRY you must provide the CREDIT CARD USED TO PURCHASE AND VALID PHOTO ID. Name on credit card must match photo ID. Entire party MUST enter the venue at the same time.

You have been warned.