U2 Tickets On Sale Today

Pre-sale ended with only 19 cities announced earlier in the week most GA seat have been taken even with the issues within the Ticketmaster system. No open tickets are available today.  This looks to be a sell out. Many U2 dedicated fans have been left at the alter with no ticket and no chance of getting a ticket unless more dates are announced. 

On a brighter note, while no dates for the Dublin concerts have been announced the band said on its website “special shows are being planned for Dublin for the end of next year to benefit the U2-initiated Music Generation project”. The European leg begins in Turin on September 4th and ends in Paris on November 11th.

U2's Pre Sales Nightmare

Fans have been posting on social media there displeasure with the pre-sales ticket process. This is nothing new almost for every single U2 tour fans have complained about the process and the way that Ticketmaster handles the entry to purchase. Fans expected this time to be different. Frankly why ? The process has been the same for some time. 



However this time is different U2 and another band ( which had some choice words about U2) have released their pre-sales on the same day that would automatically cause some pain within the system. 

Today is another day of pre-sales with mid day launch of the next group. Fans already have noticed that most of the shows have sold out GA and that resellers have an influx of tickets available on-line for purchase.

We checked and we found tons of parking passes for sale yet to find any tickets.

For now fans have to accept the process as it stands nothing will change midstream its impossible to change anything at this point.