U2 Fans Arrive To Vancouver

Not sure if loyal works to describe U2 fans. However fans are arriving in Vancouver all day today as well as the past few days. GA ticket holders have been lining up outside across the street of course that's all unofficial.  The goal is simple get in and as close to their favorite band member. The process of planning on how to get in is as daunting a task as planning to go to the bathroom while waiting in line.

The GA Process

Its all very unofficial and yet it seems to operational to work very well. The registration system starts with you placing your name on the list. Once on the list a great big red sharpie is used to write a number on you. This is your Keeping order and allowing fans to arrive early and hang out below the noise of the Sky train. Its the experience that fans travel around the world for. Its not just a concert for some its fellowship  Its about connecting to someone else and they connecting you.