U2 Fans Beware ! Fake Ticket Scams

New York:   Ticket resale sites need to step up and remove listings for speculative tickets for the last few days a large amount of ticket broker sites have appeared selling U2 tickets.  Currently, the tickets are under Fan pre-sale until today 1/13 at 9 AM local time when the public can come in and purchase tickets. 

Fans should be aware that most of the venues are considered ticketless.  That means you buy the ticket via a credit card and you get access to the site via the same credit card.

Cutting down on the massive number of ticket volume brokers, which in the past have left fans having to go to a three party ticket broker and pay as much as 500% more than the listed price.   Just beware of all of the scams to get your information as well. Ticket drops from official radio stations can be a good way to get tickets, however beware.